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You want your special day to be the stuff of dreams and we at GTS Weddings do too! We care about your special day and want it to be everything you've dreamt of and more.

GTS Weddings has been in the business of making wedding dreams come true for over 30 years now. GTS Weddings is a part of the GTS Entertainment family. And as such, we are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company.

Whether you're needing an officiant, ceremony musicians, reception DJ or even a 12 piece big brass band, we've got you covered! It's an honor for us to be a part of your special day and to make memories with you that will last a lifetime. Congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for entrusting us with the details of your special day's entertainment needs. 


We are proud to serve you!

About US

For Your Ceremony

Your ceremony is your declaration to each other and to your friends and family of the commitment that you are making to come together in matrimony. For such a special occasion we offer a variety of services to suit all of your entertainment needs.

Our officiants are well versed in love and can tailor your ceremony script to be as personal, spiritual or care free as you'd like.


Our musicians are talented, practiced and professional. They will add that special touch to your wedding that you've been imagining. 


Or, maybe you imagined pre-recorded music so you can hear the renditions of your favorite songs as performed by the actual artist you love as you walk down the aisle to marry the person you love!  


If you have something else in mind, chances are we've done it so just let us know and we'll find the perfect fit for your ceremony needs!



Our Officiants are professional, friendly and love bringing our couples together in matrimony! 

They will work with you in the upcoming weeks of your ceremony to tailor your ceremony script to fit your relationship. They will make it as personal, spiritual or casual as you've pictured. 

Your Officiant will make themselves available for your rehearsal if you'd like. They will also be able to sign off on your marriage license.

Officiants at GTS Weddings even have experience in writing vows so they can provide a wealth of knowledge to guide you along your way as you choose just the right words to express your love to your partner. 

Whether you've envisioned a ceremony that is very religious, one that is non-denominational, a same sex ceremony,  a vow renewal, or an elopement, we at GTS Weddings have the perfect Officiant for you! 


Ceremony Musicians

We offer a wide variety of musicians for all your entertainment needs. 

We offer a wide assortment of possible musician arrangements to suite your special day! 

Solo Ceremony Musician Possibilities: Violin, Piano, Trumpet, Steel Drum, Guitar (with or without vocals), Cello, Saxophone, Harp, Ukulele, Bagpipes 


Duets: Two Violins, Steel Drums, Violin-Cello, Violin-Piano, Trumpet-Organ, Flute-Guitar


Trios: 2 Violins-Cello (Most Common Arrangement)


Quartet: Violins-Viola-Cello (Most Common Arrangement)

~Please note that if you don't see the instrumental arrangement that you'd like listed above, please let us know the arrangement that you're needing and we will gladly provide it for you~

Ceremony Musicians


Sound Amplification

We offer ceremony amplification, as well as pre-recorded music if you're wanting a different feel for your special day.  We want to draw attention to the key moments and ensure your guests enjoy every minute of your beautiful ceremony!

Our "Beach Wedding Sound Packages" can include 2-lavaliere microphones, one for the groom and one for the officiant (these will pick up the bride as well; we don't mess with the dress!), 2-speakers, pre-recorded music or amplification through a mixer for your live musicians (this is great if you're bringing a friend to perform at your ceremony but want to boost his volume so everyone can enjoy), as well as any microphones on stands for speakers, readers or singers during key moments in your ceremony. 

Just let us know what you need and we'll put together the perfect package for you!

Sound Amplification

You've just finished up a gorgeous ceremony and then took the most beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime. NOW, the party begins!

From cocktail hour music being played by a DJ to create the perfect ambiance, or perhaps live musicians singing and performing select musical arrangements to delight your guests, GTS Weddings has it all!

Whether it's a DJ emceeing the entire occasion, drawing attention to all your special moments, reading the crowd and fielding requests to pack your dance floor, or it's a 3-piece to 12-piece band having you and your guests dance the night away, GTS Weddings has you covered!

We provide that extra special element that sets your wedding apart from others. We have an assortment of extra, over the top, unique add-ons as well that you can read about in the "Extras" tab. Let GTS Weddings take your special day to the next level in fun, family, and extravagance if that's what you envision.

Whether it's family coming together for a personal celebration of you and your partner, or if it's the reception of the century, GTS Weddings is with you every step of the way! 

For Your Reception


Cocktail Hour & Dinner Entertainment

Cocktail Hour is a time for your family and guests to inter mingle and catch up over lost time while you, your partner, your bridal party and immediate family take pictures using breathtaking scenery at some of the most beautiful places around.  

Some brides want the DJ for the entire event. DJ's pick just the right music to play at an appropriate volume during cocktail hour and dinner so that guests can enjoy each other while also enjoying the music. 

Other brides want a live solo, duo or even trio to perform in order to enhance the guest experience during cocktail hour and even through dinner. A live musician can really add to the mood and heighten the build up for the arrival of the bridal party and most importantly, you, the newly married couple!

GTS Weddings has some amazing "Extras"

that you can add-on for an even more 

personal touch and experience

for your guests during 

Cocktail Hour & Dinner!


Cocktail Hour & Dinner

DJ for Your Reception

A DJ for a Wedding Reception is a wonderful choice. You can't go wrong there!

GTS Weddings' DJ's are trained professionals. They are able to emcee the entire evening, select music to fit your particular group of guests, field requests and determine which are appropriate and which are not.

GTS Weddings' DJ's are skilled at making sure everyone has a good time, that all of your special and requested songs are played and they get maximum use out of your dance floor!!! 

GTS Weddings communicates with you in the months, up to weeks before your special day to ensure that our DJ's have everything they need. Our DJ's call you before your big day to take any extra requests you might have and answer any and all of your questions. Each wedding is unique and special in it's own way, and yours is no exception. We want to be on the same page as your vision for your reception so rest assured that when you hire a GTS Weddings' DJ, you've hired the best there is and are in exceptional hands!


Bands for Your Reception

Having a band to perform for your reception is a great way to add that extra special element to your wedding day! 


Bands bring that concert feel to your dance floor and guests will soak up the energy that they exude. 


At GTS Weddings we have bands for every musical genre, and bands to fit every budget. Our bands will emcee the evening to include introducing you as a couple, all of your main dances and all other key events during the evening. Our bands will play pre-recorded music during their breaks that way the fun never stops!


Our bands will even go out of their way to learn a new song or two for you if they don't already have it in their song catalog (please keep in mind that it takes roughly 2-3 months to rehearse and make perfect any new song requests so time is of the utmost importance with this).   

If it's a unique and fun packed evening that you are looking for at your reception then a band is just what you need!



There are so many ways to bring entertainment and fun to your wedding. Here at GTS Weddings we specialize in the details that make your perfect day even more so.

Whether it's the rehearsal dinner that needs a projector and screen or sound equipment so you can do toasts, or it's an after party that you're wanting extra entertainment for, it's a next day family brunch before you head off on your honeymoon, or maybe you're wanting some extra fun and games or niche entertainment for your cocktail hour or reception. Rest assured that we've got you covered!



Please note that all dancing and group photos are pictures taken from actual GTS Weddings!


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Thank you for contacting us! We look forward to working with you!

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